About us

The Department of Criminalistics was established at the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Law and Administration in 1956 as first of its kind in Poland. Our research activities have always focused on the issues of forensic science, law, and criminal justice. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our educational and research activities and to contact us with regards to our operations.


Criminalistics [ˌkrɪmɪnəˈlɪstɪks] – The study of tactical principles and methods as well as technical means of identifying and detecting legally defined negative social phenomena, particularly crimes and their perpetrators, and proving the existence or absence of a connection between individuals and events.

Education:The Department offers University of Warsaw students highly popular lectures, seminars, exercises and workshop classes (including Criminalistics, the specialization classes, Integrated Scene Analysis) as well as three pro-seminars, master’s seminars and doctoral seminars. Classes are mainly conducted as part of the master’s and postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and at the University of Warsaw Forensic Science Center.

Research: The staff of the Departmentparticipate in national and international research programs in collaboration with other scientific and research units, public administration, and non-governmental organizations. The staff of the Department actively engage in the preparation and implementation of research projects in the areas of law, criminalistics, and other related topics.

Other: The external activities of personnel and associates of the Department of Criminalistics are particularly expressed through participation in events that promote the achievements of criminalistics (including the Science Festival, lectures and classes within the framework of the University of Warsaw Open University). Department personnel also take part as experts in legislative work and perform expert opinions at the request of courts and prosecuting bodies.